About Bo

Bo Snyder, the chef/owner of Beau Chôcolat, began his career 35 years ago when a clogging student of his asked during class if anyone would like to be her substitute baker. Bo, an engineer and construction worker at the time, volunteered for the job. Drawing on his extensive informal cooking experience he soon started making desserts for the Lovejoy Cafe while his student was out of town. He thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and creativity of bakery life and it didn’t take long for Bo and Christina to form a wholesale and catering partnership called the Last Act Bakery.

After a successful four years of Last Act, Bo decided to continue with his own wholesale/catering enterprise called Bo’s Desserts. His signature cake was Bo’s Sour Cream Fudge Cake, a deep, dark chocolate cake with a rich, sour cream fudge frosting. In 1994, the name of the bakery changed to Beau Chôcolat, meaning Beautiful Chocolate.

Some of the restaurants that Beau Chôcolat has provided desserts for are Higgens, the Heathman, Riccardo’s, 5 Spice, Zeppo, and Palio Dessert and Espresso House.

Handcrafted wedding cakes range from the uniquely whimsical to the exquisite, all designed to delight the palate as well as the eyes of the wedding couple and their guests. With a wide array of cakes, cheesecakes, rustic tarts and cookies, Bo has catered large fundraisers such as TADA and Chess for Success, as well as many private events. In addition, he has had booths at various concert and festival events providing delicious dessert treats.

Bo’s passion for creating luscious desserts is evident in every sweet bite. His motto says it all. Everyone needs a little sweetness in their day!